Hall Of Fame


SARL would like to pay tribute to the Heroes and Legends who contributed to the establishment and success of Rugby League in South Africa We honor each one of them for the lasting legacy and example that they have set for the Rugby generations to come.

Jan Prinsloo

Jan Prinsloo “The Double Green Legend” of SA Rugby League

HE GREEN RHINO BLAZER, highest accolade of the South African Rugby League Sports Association, was awarded for the first time to a member of Springbok Rugby League Legend, Jan Prinsloo, by Dr. Frans Erasmus, President of South African Rugby, said there is no better candidate who qualify for the first prestigious presentation than Jan Prinsloo who is after 60 years, still active in developing and promoting the game in South Africa.
Jan is not only the longest active League member but has been active promoting Rugby League in South Africa since he joined the Pretoria Rugby League Club since 1961. He is up to date still active, promoting the game and is working feverishly to bring Natal as a League playing province to the table. As SARLSA’s first LEGEND, makes Prinsloo a double Legend, first time in 1964 when he received a Springbok League Blaser as a Legend and now the Rhino Blaser, also as a Legend.