Report for the Rhino Cup Games on 21 October 2023

At the Centurion Rugby Club in Pretoria, an action-packed day of Rugby League matches unfolded on October 21, 2023 in SARLSA Rhino cup competition
The Grizzlies RLC exhibited a dominant performance, securing a resounding 56-4 victory over the Brits Bulldogs. D. Karelse, L. Plaatjies and M. Corneelson shone for the Grizzlies, each scoring 2 tries, supported by L. Kruger, W. Roos, M. Andrews, M. Nzike, and Z. Germishuizen. The Grizzlies furthered their win with conversions by M. Nzike, D. Karelse, and L. Matlou. Despite their efforts, the Brits Bulldogs managed only 1 try.
In another thrilling encounter, the Pretoria Harlequins RLC triumphed over the Nigel Rabbitohs Red, concluding the match with a score of 56-20. The Harlequins’ stellar performance was led by D. Kangi, G. Masemolo, and J. Coetzer, each scoring 2 tries, while G. Grobler, CP Louw, C. de Jonge, A. Gower, F. van Deventer, and D. Venter also contributed significantly to their team’s victory. H. Mulder’s accurate conversions, alongside J. Coetzer’s contribution, solidified the Harlequins’ lead. The Nigel Rabbitohs Red managed to secure 4 tries, with Q. van Zyl, J. Olsen, S. Mtsweni, and B. Piri making vital contributions, and 2 conversions made by R. Louwrens.
In a closely contested match, the St Helens Vultures emerged victorious with a narrow 32-28 win against the Pretoria Bulls RLC. The Vultures displayed resilience and determination, scoring 4 well-executed tries and successfully converting 2 of them. On the other hand, the Pretoria Bulls RLC exhibited commendable teamwork, with K. Trlefin securing 2 tries, and L. Vumisa, D. Bloem, R. Robertson, and M. Shode also contributing to their team’s score. D. Bloem was responsible for the 2 conversions, adding crucial points for their team’s efforts.
The Centurion Lions faced a tough challenge against the Nigel Rabbitohs Blue, resulting in a 58-36 win for the Rabbitohs Blue. Standout performances by S. Matsane, T. Pretoruis, J. Seedat, P. de Beer, S. Jange, L. Cobus, J. van
Dyk, C .Pienaar and F. Williams led to the Rabbitohs’ victory, while the accurate conversions by J. Seedat, L. Cobus, and J. van Dyk played a pivotal role. Despite their strong efforts, the Centurion Lions put up a valiant fight, with A. Delport, J. van Heerden, J. Griesel, C. Spies, S. Jacobs, and V. Myburgh making notable contributions, supported by J. Makari’s conversions.
Grizzlies RLC vs Brits Bulldogs
Grizzlies tries
D Karelse 2, L Plaatjies 2, L Kruger, W Roos, M Andrews, M Corneelson 2,
M Nzike, Z Germishuizen
M Nzike 2, D Karelse, L Matlou

Brits Bulldogs tries 
F Botha

Pretoria Harlequins RLC 56 vs 20 Nigel Rabbitohs Red
Pretoria Harlequins tries
D Kangi 2, G Masemolo 2, J Coetzer 2, G Grobler, CP Louw, C de Jonge, A
Gower, F van Deventer, D Venter
H Mulder 4, J Coetzer

Nigel Rabbitohs Red tries
Q van Zyl, J Olsen, S Mtsweni, B Piri
R Louwrens 2

St Helens Vulture 32 vs 28 Pretoria Bulls RLC
Vultures tries 4

Conversions 2

Pretoria Bulls RLC RLC tries
K Trlefin 2, L Vumisa, D Bloem, R Robertson, M
D Bloem 2

Nigel Rabbitohs Blue 58 vs 36 Centurian Lions
Nigel Rabbitohs Blue tries
S Matsane 2, T Pretoruis, J Seedat, P de Beer, S Jange, L Cobus, J van
Dyk, C Pienaar, F Williams
J Seedat 5, L Cobus 2, J van Dyk 2

Centurian Lions tries
A Delport, J van Heerden, J Griesel, C Spies, S Jacobs, V Myburgh
J Makari 6